SANDRA GARRATT: A Modern American Designer

"Modern Clothes for Modern People sums up my personal design point-of-view."

SG Design LLC


Q: So Just WHAT is "SGDBOX?
SGDBOX is American Designer SANDRA GARRATT''s New  E-Commerce Shop.

FYI: A "BOX" is old-school retail slang for a store
SGDBOX Is a Box-of-Boxes
The SGDBOX-SHOPS include:

MODBOX (aka UNITS & MULTIPLES), Sandra Garratt's original 
high concept modular dressing system that can be layered & 
draped endlessly for work, play & dressy 
MODBOX is "Modern Modulars for Modern Living"  
Designed & Made in LA from 100% organic cotton interlock knit

EUWBOX  "Form Follows Function"  Sandra Garratt's Green Eco-Chic Urbanwear collection styled for modern active city living with loads of utilitarian functionality
EUWBOX combines a sunny Southern California point-of-view with top quality natural & certified organic fabrics and also utilizes High-Performance Tech 
Materials to create styles designed for today's active Urban lifestyle
EUWBOX also offers highly Utilitarian Urban Outerwear & Accessories featuring Savile Row tailoring combined with exciting design details that include integrated solar
 charging power packs to help keep your personal mobile tech devices charged up and ready to GO!

LUXBOX  What is the true meaning of modern luxury today? Sandra Garratt's LUXBOX defines it as using the purest of natural & organic fabrications, cottons, silks, 
linens, bamboo, hemp, mohair, California alpaca, buffalo cashmere, cashmere etc. Then using classic Savile Row tailoring & fit to produce luxurious classic "must haves"
LUXBOX is all about timeless, easy, classic styles that look & feel luxurious in a very modern way

BODYBOX  Sandra Garratt's Green Eco-Chic Bodywear collection that includes: activewear, bodywear, yogawear, swimwear, sleepwear, at-home & loungewear, 
underwear, and lingerie  
BODYBOX is basically everything close to you that stretches, shapes and holds you day & night

CHEFBOX  Heirloom Quality Classic Chef's Aprons for Home Cooks & Professional Chefs   100% Organic Cottons & Linen, solids & prints
CHEFBOX is made to last and serve you well  ........of course everything is proudly made in the USA

KIDBOX  (aka UNITS-KIDS & MULTIPLES-KIDS) "Modern Modulars for Modern Kids"  truly modern clothes for truly modern kids
KIDBOX  Offers easy certified organic cotton Modulars knits as well as  High-Tek utilitarian togs for active urban kids

DOGBOX  Stylish Eco-Chic Earth-Friendly products for your most beloved and highly pampered pooches

CHOCBOX  Decadently Delicious, Hand Blended Rich Hot Chocolate Mixes Making Life a Little Better!

SGDBOX Modern Clothes  
for Modern People