SANDRA GARRATT, a Modern American Designer:

"Modern Clothes for Modern People" sums up my personal design point-of-view".

SG Design LLC


Modular Clothing System = Modern Clothes for Modern People

People are accustomed to an ever shrinking World. 
There is a new appreciation of world wide diversity & traditions
There is no longer just  one way right way, 
but a number of equally valid  & worthwhile ways of doing & being. 

Has a new Modernism taken hold? 
Imagine this new Millennium as an all peaceful, colorful period 
where everyone can be who they are

That is the essence of Modern Dressing
That is the essence of Modular Dressing
Have fun and be Modern Now!
Original 1981 UNITS Catalog: 
Spanish Artist Anna Corbero Explores Head Wraps & Hoods
"My Modular Dressing concept MULTIPLES proved to be very effective reaching sales of $500 million per year in the USA alone plus another $150 million in sales in the Multiples-Kids US licenses and foreign distribution as well. 1,200 shops in the USA plus 150 kids shops too. Shops in Europe, Canada, Japan etc. My UNITS label generated $150 million per year in 150 award winning free standing licensed shops This is a very utopian concept in nature but is actually based on primative clothing that is made from modern material and manufacturing techniques.  Primative yet modern.  When they first came out people actually called UNITS "space clothes"!! LOL!   Very Punk/New Wave to be sure.  The concept is actually about the most simple way to manufacture something. Simply establish a module then repeat it . That is the basis of this line. It's all standard proportions so there is a porportional harmony that runs through it. As long as you remain in the modular system is is endlessly LEGOS or COLOR-FORMS, it's about pure imagination".
*WARNING: Very addictive to wear!  Collect them all!.
Designer Sandra Garratt

An Introduction To: MODBOX MODULARS


“Simplicity is not simplistic. It is the ultimate science & art, reflecting the law of nature. Simplicity is the lack of excess, of impertinence, of the immaterial. It is doing away with all that is irrelevant. It reflects the rare essence of Truth and Pure Honesty. No adding or taking away is necessary. Function not Frill. Simplicity is neither bland or dull, it is the very definition of beauty, the key to comfort and contentment. These are the things I think of when I think of Sandra Garratt’s Modular designs.” Quote Artist Issachar Ben Yaakov  1986


The Need: “ Modern American Women have limited time and resources, often balancing career and family. They need an affordable, multifunctional wardrobe that helps make them look good, no matter what their size or shape” Sandra Garratt


The Specs: “Women don’t want to start over every season because of fashion dictates, weather, or because they have gained or lost a few pounds. They have more important ways to spend their money then at the dry cleaners, or their time at an ironing board. They deserve a wardrobe that doesn’t add more problems to their lives.” Sandra Garratt


The Concept: MODBOX eliminates the need to maintain three separate wardrobes for work, play, and evening. The pieces can be mixed & matched, layered, tucked, rolled and accessorized into virtually endless combinations and proportions…..from conservative to as wild as the wearer wishes to be. MODBOX is like a clean sheet of paper to fill in any way you desire.” Sandra Garratt


The Solution: "That’s why I originally designed my Modular wardrobe system back in 1975, and that concept has manifested as UNITS then MULTIPLES and now MODBOX. MODBOX is a unified line of modular pieces in a "one-size-fits-most" format. While they are big square oversized garments, once on the human body they are soft and supple, fluid and graceful.” Sandra Garratt


Modern Fit: MODBOX clothing is constructed using a simple squared shape with a "one-size-fits-most" format. Both full and narrow silhouettes are offered within the line to compliment the widest range of heights and sizes. Cut generously in both width and length, the garments can be worn loose or draped for a graceful fluid look even when layered. The fabric is a 100% Certified Organic Cotton Interlock knit that is light, breathable and easy care/wash & dry. It is soft and comfortable. Even storage is simple, all you need do is fold or roll compactly in a drawer or on a shelf. The same flexibility, easy care & compactness features also make MODBOX ideal for travel.


Modern Flexibility: MODBOX is a modular clothing system that includes tops, pants, skirts, dresses, and jumpsuits. The simple bodies shift in line and proportion utilizing additional layers and multi-use Knit Tubes, Leggings & accessories. The clean-seam finish also allows them to be truly reversible. All modular styles are available year round in basic color palette #1  Black, White and Red, as well as a range of seasonal colors.


Work/Play/Evening Styling: MODBOX can be worn for work, play and "after-five". The clean simple lines allow for maximum styling options from formal to casual, conservative to trendy.


Thermal Layering: A single layer of MODBOX is perfect for Summer. Gradual layering for cooler temperatures provides ideal individual comfort. This concept offers unlimited versatility on a limited budget.

Modern Living Requires Modern Clothes for Modern Women

A Modern American Designer:  Sandra Garratt